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Work at the New Clinic Continues

There will be another video in a few weeks, but things are beginning to speed up a little in the new Penicuik Podiatry Clinic.

Happy to report that the position advertised a month or so ago has been filled and we are extremely excited to have a very enthusiastic and capable person joining us in the clinic to help with the admin and reception duties.

The Damp treatment should be finished as of Monday tomorrow.

I will be handing the keys over to the Plumber and Joiner tomorrow to start work on the new heating system and the treatment and office walls.

We have Rollers for the outside of the clinic being manufactured.

Disusing and finalizing the new shop sign for the clinic.

This is a mock up only of what it will look like.

Finlay just for clarification the Practice name remains Ying Peng Podiatrist and Chiropodist but we are naming the clinic as The Penicuik Podiatrist Clinic.


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