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Welcome to The Penicuik Podiatrist Clinic's Research Project on Diabetic Foot Care!

Ying Peng, our lead researcher, has a proven track record in conducting impactful studies. Her previous research focused on foot care for Alzheimer's and Dementia patients during her final year at university. This work has established her as an expert in the field, earning her recognition such as an interview with Podiatrist magazine for her insights.

Now, Ying is embarking on a new research endeavour focusing on Diabetic Foot care. We are currently in the process of gathering a database of diabetics interested in participating. The project's scope includes Gait analysis and gait education, with a focus on enhancing awareness of long-term foot health for diabetics.

Whether you have type one or type two diabetes, we invite you to join this study. Participation in this research project will not interfere with your regular diabetic care; it stands alone as a separate initiative. However, geographical proximity is a consideration, as you will need to visit our clinic in Penicuik twice.

You will complete four questionnaires spaced over six months.  On your initial visit, you will undergo a specific examination focused on your gait. This involves using digital insoles in your shoes while walking, so please bring your main daily footwear.

On your second visit, one of our experienced podiatrists will provide you with a detailed analysis of your gait and any recommended actions. While any identified medical issues will be addressed, note that your initial assessment might not be conducted by a podiatrist. Nevertheless, you will receive a comprehensive report on your gait suitable for use by other medical and fitness professionals.

Participation in this research project is voluntary, and there is no financial compensation or treatment provided. By agreeing to participate, you consent to the use of collected data for research purposes, ensuring anonymity. 

We anticipate collaborating with a university to support this project. Its success hinges on both the recruitment of sufficient participants and the backing of academic institutions.

To enrol in the study, please complete the form below. Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation email and subsequent updates regarding the project's progress and scheduling details for clinic visits and questionnaires.

Thank you for considering participation in this important research effort.


Registration Form
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