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Gift Cards

We are now selling online Gift Cards,  so if you are looking to buy a gift for someone this Christmas or  other special occasion why not treat their feet!

Cards can not be redeemed if booking online.  Please make sure your friend knows to either phone the clinic to make a booking or comes into the clinic to book.

Penicuik Podiatrist Clinic Gift Card.png

We have matched the prices of our key services if you want to keep it simple for them choose the appropriate priced card.  Alternatively you can choose a separate balance if you wish to give them more spending power.

The prices of services are:  £45 for Podiatry,  £50 for Reflexology or £65 for the new Digital Sole service. This can also be redeemed for Marc Stuart Medium who also works from the clinic. Marc charges £50 for a reading in the clinic or on Zoom, or £75 for a Home Visit.

We are deliberately not offering Plastic Cards,  for our contribution to saving the planet and the fight against global warming we are only doing Digital Gift Cards.  When purchased you will get an emailed Card with a Code.  Either set it up to go to the recipient with their email address on the chosen date,  or get it yourself and print or forward.

We will need the unique code for the Gift Card to be redeemed. And you can check the balance of the card online at any time by clicking the Check card Balance button and entering the code.

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