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One of the things we often recommend to patients is toe exercises. Toe exercises can help to improve the strength and flexibility of the muscles in your feet, which can reduce the risk of foot injuries and conditions. They can also help to improve balance and stability, which is especially important for older adults and people with certain medical conditions.

At the clinic, we offer a variety of toe exercises that are tailored to each patient's specific needs and goals. We may recommend exercises such as picking up small objects with your toes, stretching your toes by spreading them apart and then relaxing, or using your toes to grip a towel or resistance band.

These can lead to several very specific benefits for patients:

  1. Improved balance and stability: Strong and flexible toes can improve your overall balance and stability, which can reduce your risk of falls and other injuries.

  1. Increased range of motion: Toe exercises can help to increase the range of motion in your toes, which can make it easier to perform activities like walking, running, and jumping.

  1. Reduced pain and discomfort: If you have a foot condition that causes pain or discomfort, toe exercises can help to alleviate these symptoms and improve your overall foot health.

We suggest that everyone have a look at this video prepared by the Alexandria Hospital Diabetic department in Paisley and follow these exorcises.

In addition to toe exercises, we also offer a range of other services to help our patients maintain healthy and happy feet. These include foot assessments, custom orthotics, and treatments for common foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis, corns, gait analysis with Digitsole and calluses.

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