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Physical Movement Assessment

The Penicuik Podiatrist Clinic work with Movement Specialist Simon Jarvis who is based in Clinic to provide specialist help if required after the Digitsole Analysis.  Digitsole is a Gait Analysis tool and it may be that this identifies the need for specialist physical movement help.  The first step in this process is having a proper analysis carried out. 

The Service

Simon is a qualified Gait Analysis specialist and a Personal Physical Movement Coach.  He has his own gym in Penicuik and this analysis will take place there.

If you book he will coordinate with the clinic and will be made aware of the results to enable him to fully asses your needs and be of help in your recovery.

Simon Jarvis

Your Appointment will be at:

44 Bluebell Drive, White EH26 0GZ

Contact Details for Simon:



Phone:  07976820318

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