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Plantar Fasciitis Treatment: Do you feel Sore around your Heels?

Plantar fasciitis is a common yet often misunderstood foot condition. This is one of reasons that can cause heel pain. Known primarily for causing heel pain, it's a condition we frequently address and treat at our clinic. This guide aims to provide an easily understandable overview of plantar fasciitis, its symptoms, causes, and the treatment options we offer.

Plantar Fasciitis - The Penicuik Podiatrist Clinic

Starting Point: Are you experiencing persistent heel pain at certain times of the day?

What is Plantar Fasciitis? Plantar fasciitis occurs when the plantar fascia, the robust band of tissue connecting your heel to your toes, becomes inflamed. This band serves as a shock-absorbing bowstring that supports the arch of your foot. Excessive tension and stress can lead to small tears in the fascia, resulting in inflammation and discomfort, or to put it bluntly, pain!

Identifying Symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis The most noticeable symptom is a sharp pain at the bottom of the heel, often most severe during the first steps in the morning, after prolonged standing or sitting, and following intense physical activity. The pain may develop gradually and can affect one or both feet.

Causes and Contributing Factors Several factors can lead to plantar fasciitis, including:

  • Age, particularly common between 40 and 60 years.

  • Certain exercises that stress the heel and attached tissue, such as long-distance running and certain dance forms.

  • Foot mechanics, like having flat feet or high arches, or abnormal walking patterns.

  • Occupations that involve extended periods of standing.

  • Excess weight, which increases stress on the plantar fascia.

Treatment Options at The Penicuik Podiatrist Clinic Our tailored approach at The Penicuik Podiatrist Clinic includes:

  • A thorough assessment to pinpoint the specific causes and severity of your condition.

  • Customized treatment plans, which may involve orthotics, physical therapy, and adjustments to daily activities.

  • Preventative advice to help avoid future occurrences.

  • Collaboration with Penicuik’s movement specialist, Simon Jarvis, for exercises specifically tailored to treat plantar fasciitis.

Why opt for The Penicuik Podiatrist Clinic? At our clinic, we have a team of experienced podiatrists specializing in the diagnosis and effective management of plantar fasciitis. We understand the uniqueness of each case and are committed to providing personalized, empathetic care to all our patients.

Don't let the condition worsen. Let our experts at The Penicuik Podiatrist Clinic help you regain pain-free mobility. Reach out to us today to book your appointment and start your journey to recovery and a life free from pain.

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