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Penicuik Podiatry Clinic Update

Okay we are making some progress.

There are delays being caused specifically by the Lawyer being used by the seller. Nothing which should impact the purchase but is causing issues for our lawyers. When your lawyer makes comments along the lines of he does not seem to actually know what to do, it does not fill me with confidence.

We have been putting pressure onto the Lawyer to arrange a date that we could get in to arrange contractors to get in for quotations, and are being handed the keys on Wednesday of next week for return at the end of the month if we have not completed by that point. This is exceptionally unusual, but I suppose does reflect everyone's confidence that we are actually buying the property. I suppose the fact that the money is actually sitting in a Bank Account is kinda also

So we are working towards completing on the property by the end of the month. And in case the seller's solicitor is actually reading this the emphasis is on completing by, and the hope is to complete well before.

I am picking the keys up on Wednesday and have multiple contractors coming in on Thursday to get quotations prepared.

The first two elements to be completed will be the shop sign to let everyone know where we are that pass the property.

Internally the dampness in the floor. We have already got a quote for this so this will be started as soon as we own the property as none of the other internal work can be completed till this is done.

So it is still a little up in the air as to when we will be opening, but hopefully

it will be by the start of October at the latest.

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