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Greek Lessons Regarding Podiatry

A lot of work is going on at the clinic premises at 22 John Street and I have been there for extended periods during the week. Which gives opportunities to answer the simple question to people passing - what is going on.

One such opportunity happened today.

The protection rollers are being installed and some metal was being cut. A father with two young children probably aged about five or six for the oldest a very well behaved and cute little girl.

Father was telling her to watch but keep a safe distance so I shouted over that this was going to be the new Penicuik Podiatrist Clinic. He then proceeded to give a lesson on vocabulary and the origins of the word Podiatrist to his daughter.

Did a little research myself afterwords, and it is actually interesting.

Unfortunately for his daughter the origins of the word were wrong as described. He thought it was Latin but actually it comes from the Greek work Pod for foot.

I am going to test Ying in the morning and see if she herself knows this LOL.


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