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A Real Phone Conversation Today - Believe it or Not!

I had one of those phone conversations today that make you laugh. I may have enjoyed myself more than a little whilst having it.

Okay we have been getting a lot of help from the Midlothian Gateway, which is the Council/Government agency to help businesses. There is a grant you can get if you create a job and take someone off the unemployment benefit line. And when the clinic opens there will be a lot of work so we applied. Unfortunately you have to be both a company and employing three people to qualify for the grant, unless you go through one of four appointment agencies that can apply for you.

And I could not find a list of those four agencies, found the list of the national or so 100 companies that can deal with you if you meet the above conditions, but none of them clearly stated they could deal with you if not.

So being the direct person I am, I sent the following email to all of these companies a few days ago.

Now we got a few replies. And mostly telling me where to find the details of the four companies I was looking for.

Then this morning I had this phone conversation:

Phone rings and I answer,

"Ying Peng Podiatry, how can I hep?"

"Can I speak to Mrs Ying?"

"No, who am I speaking to please?"

"Well Mrs Ying sent an email to our company and I am responding?"

"Oh did you read the Email?"

"Well I am responding ?"

"So you did not read the email then?"

"Of course I did."

"Well I sent and signed that Email and as far as I know my voice does not sound like a woman's voice - or does it?"

"Er no I suppose..."

"And if you read the email do you meet the criteria we were asking you about?"

"You called about Kickstart so..."

"NO we inquired about Kickstart Gateway Plus, so can I assume you can are one of the four companies that can provide Plus Service?"

"No we can't."

"So why are you phoning and asking for the wrong person who did not send you an email to sell a product we did not contact you about when you are not able to provide the product we did. Can I snuggest you actually read an email before responding in future?"

End of conversation.

We did get the list of four companies and will be contacting them in the next few days.

In summery if you are aged 19-24 and currently looking for work please get in touch when we have the grant sorted out we will be looking for an employee in that age range. Oh and if you contact us, and I send you an email - for the love of the creator, make sure you read the mail LOL.

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