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Phoebe Chen - Reflexologist

Phoebe is a Reflexology Therapist who has just joined the business to work with Ying.  She will be working both to provide this service to people looking for it as a separate activity and also through a joint program with Ying looking at diagnosis and treatment.


Originally from Taiwan, now like Ying fully integrated into full Scottish life. Phoebe and her husband are long term friends of Marc and Ying who were at their marriage over a decade ago. Phoebe is also a mother with a very young daughter.    Previously worked as a IT software engineer and web developer.  


Phoebe specializes in foot massages. She has been trained to the highest level at The Complementary Therapy School and completed a university credit rated clinical reflexology course at SCQF level 8 which is the highest level reflexology course in the UK. She has also trained and  become certified in hot stone reflexology with Sally Earlam. She is a full member of the Association of Reflexologists, and is fully insured to practice.

Phoebe works on a self employed basis at the clinic.


Ying Peng - Podiatrist

The principle of this business and a fully trained and qualified Chiropodist and Podiatrist.

Ying started to work in the greater Penicuik area in 2018 in another clinic which has now been sold. She then went fully independent and started to do local home visits.  Building her business up over the years finally she decided to open the Penicuik Podiatrist Clinic in 2021 and it opened at the start of 2022.

Happily married to Marc, Ying got her honours degree from Queen Margaret University in Musselburgh. Previously to this in her home nation of China she was a Theatre Staff Nurse on an eye surgery ward.  When coming over to the UK about two decades ago she did Masters Degree  and then returned to medical care working in a specialist ward for Alzheimer sufferers.  

Ying has become an industry recognised expert in treating Dementia sufferers for Podiatry.  She won a competition to do a paper in this area and gave an interview on the subject to the Podiatrist Magazine in April.

Ying also works currently for the NHS as a Podiatrist part time running a clinic in Linlithgow Monday to Wednesday.

Although Ying has been in Scotland for just under two decades and is a full UK Citizen in her chosen home,  she retain is off course multi lingual.  

The Clinic has now became a major undertaking for Ying and her husband.  Ying concentrates completely on the care of her patients. The majority of new clients come to her through recommendations and this is reflected in the numbers of new patients coming to her for treatment.


Claire McManus

Claire has recently qualified as a semi permanent make up artist offering both ombre brows and lip blush. Claire is renting the second treatment room for this which we are happy to say has been passed by Midlothian Council for this service.


Previous to this, Claire has always worked in custodial settings since completing her forensic psychology degree at Heriot Watt University in 2016. This new venture is something completely different but something that she has found a passion for and hopes to do full time in the near future.


Claire has a 1 year old little boy called Harry and a 7 year old stepdaughter named Amber. It was the birth of Harry which sparked Claire into finding a new passion, to allow her to spend more time with her son, rather than working long shifts in the cells.


She absolutely loves creating a difference to people's brows or lips and seeing their faces when they see the difference in the mirror. She is able to transform those overplucked brows from the 90s or just help add a little definition and depth to your own shape. For lips, Claire loves experimenting with all her different shades and creating the perfect one for each client. Whether you are looking for a full coverage lipstick lip or just a sheer coverage, she can come up with the perfect colour.


Both brows and lips are carried out using a tattoo gun. You are numbed beforehand therefore most people find the treatments painless and more like a light scratch. Brows last for around 2 year before requiring a top up whereas lips last 3 years.


Claire is available to take any questions or provide you with more information on 07368 483506. You can also find her on Facebook under 'Claire Staig PMU'.

Clair's Facebook Page

Claire Magnus_edited.png

Marc Stuart - Practice Manager

Marc handles all administration and marketing in the Clinic.  He is married to Ying the owner of the biusiness. Marc has a long range of previous experience in such roles. His degree is in Business Organisation. He has sat and passed the professional exams of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and the Scottish Institute of Bankers early in his working career.  For the last decade has also worked in Market Research for the research organisation Ipsos.  Marc specialised early in Accounting Systems for businesses and also in property investment another business which he runs.

Marc also works as a professional Spiritual Medium based at the offices in the clinic.

Duties in the clinic are extensive.  Marc is the first face you will see when you come to the clinic, unless first thing then it is wife Ying.  He deals with all income phone calls.  Client non medical records and all computer and phone systems.  This web site is off his design.  Essentially anything in the clinic which is non treatment is Marc's area of expertise.

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