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Simon Jarvis - Movement Specialist

Simon is not only a seasoned Movement Specialist and Physical Therapist with over 15 years of experience, but he also finds joy in his role as a devoted husband and a doting father to a toddler. Having spent 12 transformative years in London, he made Penicuik his home in 2021.

His professional journey led him to establish his own studio in Penicuik, where he passionately hones his expertise. Simon also collaborates with the Clinic, synergizing his skills with their expertise in comprehensive foot care and issues identified using the gait analysis tool Digitsole.

Simon's niche lies in deciphering movement patterns and gait intricacies, leveraging insights from tools like Digitsole. He crafts tailored exercises that seamlessly integrate with the Clinic's Gait Analysis offerings, including those using Digitsole, ensuring a holistic approach to enhancing movement.

With a focus on movement efficiency, Simon's guidance, enhanced by technology like Digitsole, is a bridge to a more active and fulfilling lifestyle. His holistic methodologies, fine-tuned over years of dedicated practice, continue to positively impact lives.

Beyond his professional pursuits, he finds immense happiness in his role as a loving husband and a hands-on father to a toddler, embodying a balanced and fulfilling life.

Simon Jarvis
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