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Website Update

Hello, so if you have not been to the website for The Penicuik Podiatrist for a while there have been a few changes.

Online Booking

This was introduced a few weeks ago and is still being rolled out. It enables you to click on the boo button and be taken straight into the order page and diary where you can literally book an appointment. This morning I embedded this onto the first page of the website, so again you can now start without pressing the Book Me button.

You can not book a home visit this way, that has to remain phone only for the moment. ASt first we thought it might be a little difficult, but we have been looking at it a little further and it looks feasible.

We are now in the stage of switching out bookings fully for the clinic onto a new system away from our old system. All new appointments moving forward should be booked this way. We will be uploading patient records in the next few weeks.

Once this is finished all patients will be able to manage their appointments, like change the date or cancel if required online.

are more settled I will try and do an updated one soon.


I am trying to integrate Facebook much more. Why? because over the last few months we have had a lot of coverage of the rollers and are stating to find that more people are fining Ying on Facebook that any other place. We will continue to work on the website and always be advertising in the Town Crier, but will now spend a little more time on Facebook.

So when I do a post on Facebook, it will show up on the website, and if you click that post it will take you to the previous posts on Facebook.

So there were a couple of times we were posting about the Snow. We have started to post when in the week we have vacancies or not and when we are almost fully booked.

List Of Services

With these two updates to the home page, I have removed the list of services to another page. Just to literally make some space on the web site.

Video Journal

Have put the latest one which is about a month or so old now onto the home page. Sure everyone has seen it by now and it was filmed when the clinic had just opened. Now that things are beginning to stabilise I will film one in the next week or so. We still have the sign and rollers to sort out and the tradesmen that we have used are getting close to legal action if they do not get the work finished but that is another post coming soon.


If you do a search for Penicuik Podiatrist we pretty much dominate the results. We are looking to introduce the online booking option to come up when you search into the goodle results, but that is a little way of yet.

Marc Stuart Medium

Practice Manager

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