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The Phone Number

We have noticed that people were getting confused with leaving messages on the phone for a little while. They would press option -1- for messages from the menu and seem to think they were speaking to someone and not realize it was a recording for messages.

The phone company we use have made an alteration to the system for us, so that it now makes an old fashioned analog beep to make sure you understand that it is a menu.

Second we have made an upgrade to the web site, the phone number is now much more prominent. And to go digital if you press the number or click on it (phone or computer) it will actually dial the number for you. Or depending on your phone take you to the phone itself with the number already set up for you.

Obviously we will be updating the phone message once we have the confirmed opening date etc for the new clinic which we hope to be able to announce more exact details of shortly.

Also please a request everyone. When Ying started up it was normal for people to just phone her to book an appointment. Ying is so busy at the moment that she is actually working 6 days a week often. Yes she can book appointments on the phone but it is much easier if you leave a message, send an email or speak to admin (Marc) option -3- on the phone.

It's actually a lot quicker that way. For an example someone texted Ying yesterday and by the time she had copied and sent it to me I had already responded to three other people on the phone that day before I was able to respond.

Things are going to get more intense re booking when we open the clinic. Ying is in negotiations with two possible people who will come to the clinic to work there also Podiatrists. So we do need to centralize the booking onto the phone etc. We are considering removing the contact Ying option, but this is useful for people when YIng is out and about and due to visit them so really don't want to have to do that. But please use common sense if looking to speak to Ying and only use the option to dial her directly if it is on the day of the appointment and you need to check or change the time for example.



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