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Some Career Advice to the Would-Be Burglar

The Suspicious Individual

We think that we were being cased for an attempted robbery or evening burglary. I and the new member of staff were behind the reception desk totally engaged with a patient when this strange man walks not the clinic and walks straight to the corridor that takes him pas us into the treatment rooms.

Now Ying the podiatrist has aces to the front area of the clinic by CC TV so she can see what is going on, saw him walking towards he clinic area and came out to meet him.

“Hello how can I hep you” she asked him.

He is taken aback and sorts of stutters what does this place do? A conversation then begins where she explains that a Podiatrist is a foot Doctor and that I am a Medium. This is a long conversation lasting a couple of minutes by which time I am also involved. And the longer it goes the more obvious the purpose of this chap’s entrance into the clinic becomes.

Never once is he looking at the person he is engaged with. Eyes looking everywhere and focusing on computers, printers, books etc. Also noted was your apparently empty back pack able to hold well a lot…

Eventually information on his head he disengages and leaves.

Well whoever you are, I hope you are reading this. You were recorded in sound and colour for the full duration of your visit. Backed up with four witnesses who all remember your visit and how strange it all seemed. There are shutters that go down at night in case you missed it all last year we won the appeal to lets us have them. The video system is motion detected working 24 hours and oh of course we have an alarm fitted.

We do look forward to your next visit to the clinic, and if we mis you will be happy to provide all the above to any police officers investigating. And my carer advice for you Sir, find something you might have some skills at to do for a living.

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