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Revised Opening Date changed to Early December

There have been some delays due to finding additional elements that the tradesmen have had to work around.

For example a falling ceiling which required some support. Not actually as bad as it sounds but it has caused several days delay. This has run into other trade people also being delayed.

Current timetable looks like this for anyone passing:

Plumbing and Joinery work completed by the end of the week

Roller and Shop Sign within the next two weeks

Decorators starting Tuesday next week and running for two weeks

Flooring in November after this

So our revised opening date has moved to early December.

I would also just like to make an observation. Wherever possible we have prioritized local Penicuik businesses. However it has been extremely noticeable that many local businesses have not responded to our approaches. I am not going to call specific people or businesses out and understand that they could be busy, but at the same time we are trying.

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