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Dementia and or Alzheimer's Foot Care

Ying Peng is a recognised expert in the treatment of patients feet who suffer from Dementia and or Alzheimer's.

She has had one research paper published and an was quoted extensively in an article in The Podiatrist, which is the trade magazine for the Podiatrists. They run How To  articles for Podiatrists teaching them how to treat specific issues and are running such an article on this subject in the June 22 Issue, and guess who is being interviewed for it with the Penicuik Podiatrist Clinic mentioned.

​Immediately before Ying decided to start her training as a Podiatrist, she was working as a care assistant in an NHS ward that specialises in extreme cases of this terrible condition. Whilst there she was unhappy with the way that patients feet were being cared for and this inspired her to start her Podiatry training. Whilst working through University she continued to work part time on this ward.

In her final year at University Ying applied for an award run by a company called Cosyfeet, who gave her a financial prize to carry out some research into the treatment of feet for such people. The paper that was the result of this was described in the article about to be published as pioneering work.

That paper is on this web site and a reference in the article is now published there, so your Podiatrist's website is now being referred to Podiatrists all over the country!

Ying usually treats such patients with home visits to avoid the trauma of them coming to the Clinic,  however there are more than a few who do come to the clinic and successfully receive treatment there. 

However there must be a signed registration from by a Power of Attorney holder before any treatment can commence.

The most common thing that needs to be watched for is the lack of communication regarding foot issues. There are certain symptoms that change people's behaviour which impacts on the feet, for example walking around, or possible shuffling.

The published report is a deep look at people's feet with major issues. Start with the article which is a broader article for Podiatrists dealing with patients suffering from these conditions.

The article in the Podiatrist in June 2022

Ying's Dementia Published Report

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