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Home is Where the Heart Is!

I am writing this on the day of the Public Fair outside the clinic. And I am thinking of home. I just wanted to put this out for patients and the local people.

First, I work in Penicuik and Marc and I are very much trying to make the clinic part of the community. That is a very important fact for me. I started working in Penicuik in 2017 in another clinic which has not been sold. I left there in 2019 and started to build my own business. I started with a small number of patients and Mark tells me that we now have well over 400 patients. He keeps the records and things like this LOL.

But we do not live here and there is a reason for this. I also work for the NHS and so we live close to the clinic I work at there. But they say home is where the heart is and after the support that I received about the rollers at the clinic what more can I say?

Marc and I were working in the clinic on Saturday doing an open day to let people see the clinic and Marc was doing readings as a Medium. It is normal for us to sit in the clinic and see the empty ghost town in front of us. This is changing with the Micro Shops across from us but this Saturday it was utterly fantastic to see so many people and meet so many as well. Marc and I left today thinking we were part of something much bigger than just our little (big EDITED by Marc) clinic, which felt more like something like home!

Second, we are really trying to make the clinic feel like home. Our patients come and go and often we have groups of up to five people standing in our er huge waiting area talking and catching up. This can of course get confusing when I walk up to someone thinking they are here for their feet, and they ever so politely ask to get a booking with Marc the Medium.

We have only been open at this address for three months so far and I can happily say that in terms of numbers of appointments I am three times busier than I was at the end of last year. So far anyway the investment we made in the clinic is paying off. Coming back to the start the support that my patients and the community gave us over the signs was an early indication of the need and the knowledge the people in Penicuik had for the requirement for the clinic.

I of course was not born in Scotland. I come from China. And although I have now lived in Scotland for just under two decades, I still have that strong Chinese accent which I will never lose. Nor would I of course want to. I have just finished a video chat with my Parents and was showing them the Fair walking around broadcasting to China. There is an example of how things get muddled up with technology. Chinese people from my Chinese home seeing the fair I was at and working at in my new home in Penicuik.

Marc my husband and Clinic Manager has always insisted that we use technology to it’s fullest. Like the new online booking system. I am more of an old-fashioned girl and really did not expect that to take off as well as it has. But watching the reaction of people coming off the precinct today getting. text messages arriving immediately when they book the appointment showed me just how right he was. And it is bonds like these communications that will help us to build the community around the clinic that we have aimed to do from the start.

For example, although Marc has a different agenda re his Mediumship events to build a Spiritualist Church, I am more than happy to host these as it brings people into the Clinic, helped us to raise £100 for charity and builds real bonds with people.


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