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The Penicuik Podiatrist Clinic is owned by Ying Peng who has been trading as a Podiatrist in the greater Penicuik area for just under six years. Most of that time she was running the business on a Dom basis, then opened the clinic at the start of 2022. Since then it has started to grow at an incredible rate taking on on a regular basis enough new patients to provide three days of appointments per month.


We are currently open three days a week and looking to expand this to six days early in 2023.  

In order to meet this plan we are looking to employ initially one part time Podiatrist, then this will either grow to become full time or we will recruit more than one person on a part time basis.  At the moment the days and hours can be flexible but as we grow this will become less so.

Depending on the level of experience of any recruit training and support can be provided.  Ying herself is a recognized expert in the treatment of Alzheimer and Dementia patients for Podiatry and is featured in this June's edition of the Podiatrist in a how to article on this subject.

Any day that you work there will be an administrator working in the clinic to handle all the booking and admin requirements leaving you free to focus on the treatment of the patients.

Employment would be on a Fee Sharing Basis.  On a busy day we deal with up to thirteen patients meaning that a potential fee earning basis per day could be in excess of £200.  We have an online booking and diary system so you will easily be able to see how busy you will be on particular days.

There will be opportunities for Dom work as well and all driving expenses would be met.

Training and Personal Development

We are actively looking to take on new products as we continue to grow.  These will be highly skilled and income based.  Training will be provided in these areas and remuneration would reflect these areas of work.

Ying will closely monitor work and for newly qualified Podiatrists provide guidance and support.

Penicuik & The Clinic

The town of Penicuik is the largest town in Midlothian.  South of Edinburgh it is eleven minutes drive from the bypass on the A702.  

The Clinic itself is located in the town centre in the shopping precinct. This makes it ideal for clients and patients with a large car park, close to the main NHS medical practice and bus routes.

There is parking to the rear of the clinic which can be used by staff.

The Clinic itself comprises of two treatment rooms,  a sterilization room, and office able seat three people and to allow you to work at a full desk for writing up patient notes. We use a combination of Chrome and Windows machines in the office.

The waiting area and reception area accounts for about a quarter of the property and can accommodate seven people and is actually used by the owners for several other business activities and  holds meetings of up to twelve people. The point being that we have plans to add up to two further treatment rooms when we have grown far enough.

The Clinic is fully equipped with brand new (as at February 2022) equipment and our capital budget will ensure that we remain top of the line with the equipment you are working with.

Penicuik Podiatrist Clinic 4.jpg
The Penicuik Podiatrist Clinic Office
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