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Ying has had the first vaccination jab  for Coronavirus.

We are delighted to announce that today the 9th of December Ying has had her first jab for the Coronavirus.

She still has to get the second jab which will probably be just after Christmas and then wait a week for the full effects to work. But this means that as we enter the new year Ying will be safe and able to work without risk to herself.

The reason she was able to get the injection so soon is because as you may know, Ying also works for the NHS as a specialist podiatrist. During the lock down whilst other practices were closed Ying continued to work for the NHS.

We will keep you advised of the timing and development but we start the new year with a sign of good luck for Ying and her patients and hopefully the majority of you will be getting jabs yourself (and me please as well) next year.

And the arrangements with the day before the appointment and other precautions will continue as well.



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