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We are Advertising in the Business Directory

We have always so far at least placed paid advertising exclusively with the Penicuik & District Town Crier. This publication has served us well and we will continue to advertise in Classified Section. We are planning on doing a feature style advert with them when we get the sign sorted and up, which will of course not happen until we get the council planning permission sorted.

So in the meantime ever keen to let people know about the clinic we have placed an advert with the Penicuik Spotlight Business Directory. This is a half page advert that will be appearing in the Summer edition.

This is a joint advert for the clinic and Marc Stuart Medium. Also notice this is the first mention of a new member of the team, Phoebe Chen who is bringing Reflexology to the clinic for lower limbs of course.

Watch this space for a fuller announcement very soon, and a new page being added to the web site explaining what this is.

This is the first time that the second treatment room in the clinic will be being used and there is also another practitioner who will be hiring the room, more info to follow as well.

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