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Vacancy for Administration and Marketing Assistant Trainee

This is a position we are advertising to work in the clinic.

It is being created under the Kickstart Scheme and therefor all applications must come from the Job Center and candidates much be aged 18-24 and in receipt of Universal Credit.

The initial role will be for six months and may become permanent thereafter.

The role will be working in the clinic three days a week Wednesday to Friday.

Learning how to use our systems, the basics of client service (answering the phone dealing with people coming into the clinic), and marketing mainly online.

You would be reporting directly to the Practice Manager Marc Stuart.

If you wish to apply in the first instance go to your work coach at the Job Center or through Universal Credit and make them aware of your interest and quote this reference:

KS882DA9C3 - Reed GW+ (Ying Peng Podiatrist)

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