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On the Phone?

Sometimes people do rather act in a silly way.

I got a call at 7.30 am in the morning, directly to myself it does leave me a little let's say bemused. But yes last week I took a call on option -3- for Admin which directs to my mobile at before 7.30 am in the morning. Emergencies okay I can understand a call at the time of the morning, but folks to change the time of an appointment? Business hours please!

Ying herself did speak to the client later that day, I think she was more annoyed than I was.

However showing that neither of us ever stop LOL this is a picture I took of YIng speaking to potential patient on Friday the 13th our wedding anniversary as we were traveling South for the weekend.

When the clinic opens there will be changes to the phone menu and also we are looking at starting the ability to be able to allow people to book an appointment on the web site itself.

These are works in progress at the moment so watch out for further changes.


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