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If you are looking at my Facebook page because of a leaflet going through your door, you may have noticed

Leaflets delivered in Peebles and Penicuik

the misspelling of Penicuick.

This originally was an error by the designer of the leaflet but picked up in the proof reading. However, we decided to leave the error to get people’s attention. And it has worked!

Now some people object and have phoned to express this objection. Many people have phoned to help and correct. If reading this, please don’t phone us for either reason. We did not set out to upset and we are aware as stated.

Advertising is to get attention and to be remembered. When you get the leaflet, you may not need my services, but at some point, you probably will. You will probably remember that spelling mistake years from now, or maybe even someone told you or showed you. Thus the logic.

Oh, and both domains with the correct spelling and the wrong spelling are operational.

Thanks for your attention.

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