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Corona-virus Update

Hello as you be aware Ying stopped doing house visits when the lock down started. She then moved into a slow phased restart, at first only doing emergency home visits. She is now fully operational however carries out the following measures:

  1. As you would expect she is in full PPE when visiting patients homes.

  2. Every person with an appointment gets a call the day before to be asked to confirm that no one in the home has any symptoms.

  3. Ying is not using a drill. This causes a lot of dust and makes it easier for germs to spread.

Also to bring you up to date. As you may be aware we had entered into negotiations to buy a retail premises to be converted into a clinic. This did not go ahead and plans to find another property are temporarily on hold until things have fully returned to normal.

Also to ensure a full level of service and make sure that everyone is up to speed I have undertaken some training on awareness etc. I even sat an exam and passed. Certificate attached.

In summary a lot of changes had to occur at very short notice. Ying continued to work for the NHS to ensure that she was able to help people. Things are returning to the new normal, however the new normal is not going to be the same as the old normal for some time yet.

Marc Stuart

(Husband) and Practice Manager.

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