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Clinic Update and Weekend Electrical Trials and Tribulations

Just a shorty update on progress for the new planned clinic. The solicitors have received title plans and are in the progress of completing the required checks and reviews.

We did have an unrelated but significant thought provoking event at the weekend.

As you will know if you are a long term clinic the start just under two years ago was a little unplanned and traumatic. Old history, Except that we have invested heavily into computer services to accommodate Ying being totally mobile all the time. So she is able to book an appointment on her phone when seeing a patient. Likewise Marc (me) who does the admin is also able to take a call on his mobile at any time and book an appointment.

So with plans underfoot for the new clinic how we will operate once we open. We are looking at having staff, Marc will be sometimes in the clinic and also continue working from his home office as he has several other employment and business activities run from home.

We use a lot of cloud computing. So the point? We were his with a major power cut on Sunday. The entire office was shut down, then we had a massive power surge. It was a faulty street cable that had to be dug up and replaced. Even now we are awaiting parts for most of the kitchen equipment. Again the point? Well despite the office being down, we still had access to everything we needed on our mobile phones to be able to continue to deal with say an esquire for a booking.

Even the phones while we could not answer the VIOP phone system we have set up, because it is internet based was still taking messages and could direct to our mobiles. And we of course had already planned for it to be operational at more than one location when choosing it years ago.

So it was a good test at a good time to reinforce the plans we are making. More goes into a clinic and Ying's business than just the foot care and the open door at the new clinic!

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