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Home Visit

£50.00 (£60 for the first visit).

We do home visits on Saturdays.

We allocate different Saturdays to different days. The charge of £50 is only an indigation and we reserve the right to charge more for distance.

Also your pproperty must be accesable by road, we will not take out vehicles over track roads on a farm for example.

Also please do not make a choice for a home visit if you can come to the clinic. We have had to start to turn patients away for home visits due to lack of time. We have a clinic and if you are able to safely come to the clinic and are choosing a home visit for convenience, we reserve the right to refuiuse to be able to prioritise people who can not come to the clinic.

All bookings are provisional until confirmed by phone on the Friday before the booking, and we often change the times. We have online booking for home visits, but have to manage the route taken thus may change times.

To register online please go here:

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