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Your Voice Matters: Navigating Patient Care Challenges Together

Updated: Mar 30

We're reaching out to gather feedback on our approach to handling certain situations in our clinic. Our patient base primarily comprises elderly individuals, and occasionally, we encounter patients exhibiting confusion. One such incident occurred yesterday, prompting us to seek your opinions.

Legally, if a patient shows signs of confusion, jeopardizing the validity of our treatment contract, we are compelled to halt their care. Our initial step is to contact the patient's next of kin, followed by informing their General Practitioner (GP) about the situation.

Since our clinic's inception, we've had to take these measures twice. The first instance led to the patient's family intervening, and in the most recent case, the patient's GP was notified and appreciated our diligence. However, this patient reacted negatively,

confronting our staff with significant distress.

We invite your perspectives on how we, and similar healthcare facilities, should navigate these challenges. It's important to note that while we are not qualified to diagnose conditions outside our field, we believe in taking decisive action to prevent harm in cases of severe confusion or memory loss.

Please share your thoughts by participating in our online poll (below) or leaving comments on this page.

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