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John Street Precinct Gets a Head Start: Penicuik Podiatrist Clinic Embraces Early Christmas Lights I

While the holiday season is still a few weeks away, the spirit of Christmas is already taking root in the John Street Precinct, right outside the Penicuik Podiatrist Clinic! The council is gearing up for the festivities by putting up the Christmas lights in advance, preparing to brighten our neighbourhood with holiday cheer.

The John Street Precinct has always been a bustling hub of activity, and this year, it seems like the holiday preparations are in full swing already. As we look out from the clinic windows, we can see the lights being meticulously strung up, and it's hard not to be reminded of the impending holiday season. Time appears to be moving faster than ever, and we're on the cusp of stepping into the festive season.

Speaking of "stepping," our friendly neighbourhood podiatrist clinic has been bustling with activity this year, and our commitment to ensuring the well-being of our patients' feet remains unwavering. Initially, when the council began installing the Christmas lights, some cables were obstructing our entrance. But fret not, our valued patients! We promptly requested that the cables be repositioned to ensure safe and unimpeded access to our clinic. After all, we wouldn't want anyone to stumble on their way to their appointments.

At Penicuik Podiatrist Clinic, we pride ourselves on offering top-notch foot care throughout the year, not just during the holiday season. Whether you're preparing to decorate your home, embark on your gift shopping, or simply soak in the early festive atmosphere as you look out from our clinic windows, remember that we're here to keep your feet healthy and happy. After all, those sturdy feet will be essential for dancing your way through the holiday celebrations!

As we watch the Christmas lights being carefully installed outside our clinic, we can't help but smile at the early start to the holiday spirit. But as the saying goes, "time flies when you're having fun," and it's always enjoyable to ensure your feet are prepared for all the joy that the holiday season brings.

We will be closing the clinic over the holidays. The last day we will be treating people will be the 15th of December and we will reopen on the 10th of January. THE CLINIC WILL BE CLOSED BETWEEN THESE DATES. We are already getting almost fully booked in the immediate week before Christmas, so if you want your feet looked at before Christmas please been sooner rather than later.

Here's to an early commencement of the holiday cheer, a brilliantly illuminated John Street Precinct, and the ongoing health and well-being of your feet. At Penicuik Podiatrist Clinic, we'll continue to be here for you, ensuring your feet are in tip-top shape, whether you're strolling through a winter wonderland or simply looking out from our clinic windows at the festive scene outside.

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