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We have slots available in November but December is almost fully booked.

We are fully booked in December.  Still plenty in November.  We are closed for three weeks over Christmas and are beginning to book up in January but the first few weeks already fully booked.  So don't leave it to late, book early or now.

We are opening for an extra day in December to try and cope and do have slots available on Tuesday the 12th.


The clinic is now not opening on Saturdays.  We will however be open late for the first Wednesday in the month.  There are not enough people who need the out of hours service to make opening the full day worth while, but there are enough for an evening.  We will be flexible in terms of how late, so if there is nothing available online if you look at the first Wednesday phone us.


We are closing for three weeks this year over the holidays.  The last clinic day (fully booked) is the 5th of January.  I think we have three slots available on this day but the following week fully booked.

Published on the 8th of November 2023.

Opening Hours

The clinic is now open Wednesday to Friday.  Home visits on Saturdays.

9.30 am till 5.00 pm Wednesday to Friday

We open till 7 pm on the First Wednesday of the month.

The website is open 24/7 for bookings.

Phone calls may be answered or messages responded to outside of these hours, but it may be over a day before we are able to respond, so always in the first instance manage appointments online.

About the Clinic

The Penicuik Podiatrist Clinic is owned and run by Podiatrist Ying Peng and is located in the Precinct area of Penicuik Town Centre. Our regular opening hours are Wednesday to Friday, along with the first Saturday of the month.

Ying herself is a nationally acknowledged expert in treating the feet of patients with Alzheimer's and Dementia. She conducts home visits exclusively on Saturdays and works for the NHS in West Lothian from Monday to Wednesday. Her husband, Marc Stuart, serves as the Practice Manager and also works from the clinic as a Medium.

The clinic also employs Kimberley Blair, a Podiatrist with over two decades of experience. Additionally, we provide a unique Gait Analysis service using Digitsole, a specialty that sets us apart as one of only four podiatry clinics in the region offering this advanced service.

Please note that the clinic has a phone system with a menu, so listen carefully to choose the correct option. Bookings can be made through our online booking system.

New patients are asked to pay in advance for their first appointment, and payment is accepted by card only.

We wish to make it clear that we are not the cheapest Podiatrists in town, nor do we claim to be. We do, however, invest heavily in both the clinic itself and support services such as our website, booking system, and phone system. We strive to respond outside of clinic hours as swiftly as possible, but please be aware that responses to phone messages might take some time.

Please let me know if there are any other changes or details you would like to include!

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